Residential/Affordable Housing

Urbitecture uses its architectural design and real estate development experience to specialize in the mixed-use, multi-family, and affordable housing markets.  We provide full service residential services for third party clientele and owners.

Urbitecture is committed to using our skills so your residents are excited and enthusiastic about moving into your project.

Urbitecture will guide you through the low income housing tax credit process and help assemble your project applications.


Urbitecture’s recent involvement into municipal and cultural design has yield quick results.  In 2009, Urbitecture received a Masterworks in Masonry award from the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute for the design of the South Adams County Fire Station #7.

Urbitecture has also helped community organizations develop visions, plans, and community development strategies.  Whether evaluating reuse options for an existing structure, or constructing a new facility, Urbitecture provides essential information and strategies necessary in determining the most successful and cost-effective design options.


Urbitecture has extensive experience in the design of K-8 educational facilities including several early childhood development centers.  Based on the educators philosophy, we design the facility, playground, and adult spaces to be integrated, educational, and artistic.

Urbitecture understands that church architecture is spiritual and physical and demands organization and personal commitment.  Inspired by our clients, we view their spiritual gathering place to the represent the unique quality and spirit of each parish.

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